Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Six-Word Memoirs : TT #20


I don’t actually have this book, but I have browsed through it recently and found some of the memoirs hilarious!


For those who don’t already know, this book is entitled Not Quite What I Was Planning, and it is filled with six-word memoirs by famous and obscure writers. It started me thinking about my own six-word memoir, so here’s what today’s TT is about:



13 of my possible six-word memoirs!


1. Love singing loudly. Neighbors not thrilled.

2. So little time, so many books!
(Not original, I know, but still accurate!)


3. Always found with book in hand.

4. Wannabe writer, don’t want actual writing.

5. Wannabe rock star, sings like maniac!

6. Need more money to buy books!

7. Not easy life, but definitely interesting!

8. Wastes life away on the internet.

9. Driven mad by three dogs barking!

10. Not creative enough for six-word memoirs!
(Does “six-word” count as one word?)


11. Johnny Depp will marry me, eventually…

12. Addicted to Twitter, can’t stop tweeting.


and finally,


13. Love visiting blogs from Thursday Thirteen!


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