Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Remember Me? by Sophie Kinsella

image Remember Me? by Sophie Kinsella


I’m a huge fan of Kinsella’s, though I’ve been avoiding her Shopaholic series because I really prefer not to read series, and I’m not much of a shopper either.


I’ve been wanting to read this book for a while now, but have only recently bought it at the MPH distributors’ sale. I started it last night at about 10pm, and finished it at 1.30am.


What can I say? It was a fun and easy read.


The book is about 25-year-old Lexi Smart, who tripped and hit her head, woke up three years later with amnesia, a new high-paying job, a model-esque body, and a husband.


Well, apparently she was in a car accident and had forgotten everything that had happened in the last 3 years. Her last memory is when she tripped and fell when she was 25 years old. Now she wonders what happened in the last three years; who is her husband? how did she become a director in her company? why do her old friends hate her?


It’s confusing, and frustrating, and she’s not sure who to trust and what to do, but it’s exciting reading about her figuring it out, and it’s wonderful when she does, finally!


Certain things in the book are a little bit unrealistic, but then again, it’s so much fun reading a Kinsella book that those bits don’t really matter. It’s the aspect of the fantastical that appeals to me. I love the premise, though of course I would never want to have amnesia, but it’s always interesting to read about it.


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