Wednesday, December 23, 2009

13 Ideas I had for this Xmas’ TT


  1. 13 things I want for Xmas
  2. 13 of my favorite Xmas songs
  3. 13 of my favorite Xmas movies
  4. 13 things to do on Xmas
  5. 13 things NOT to do on Xmas
  6. 13 things for people who don't celebrate Xmas to do
  7. 13 most memorable Xmas
  8. 13 funny Xmas stories
  9. 13 ways to celebrate a tropical Xmas
  10. 13 ways I want to celebrate a white Xmas in Canada next year
  11. Presents I got my dad for his last 13 birthdays (on Xmas)
  12. 13 significant things that happened this year
  13. 13 things to look forward to in the new year

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

13 December Birthdays TT #36

Somehow I seem to have a lot of closer friends who are born in December than any other month! (Or maybe it just seems that way because there are so many presents to buy in December! Yikes!) So anyway, here are 13 December Birthdays!

Dec 2: Rob, a very close friend of mine who I’ve never met IRL!

Dec 4: Seng, an old and dear friend

Dec 4: Samantha, an old friend I’d lost touch with but have recently found again!

Dec 7: Eddy, a very talented musician friend

Dec 9: Lone, my dearest husband

Dec 13: Jason, one of my bestest friends ever!

Dec 15: Sanjiv, a student of Lone’s

Dec 20: Riri, one of the sweetest friends we have who’d recently gotten married

Dec 20: Sandra, Rob’s wife, whom I’ve also never met IRL but feel like I know so well!

Dec 21: Ceaser, the guy who helped bring Lone and I together

Dec 24: Tati, the wife of one of Lone’s bestest friends

Dec 25: My father! Born on Christmas!

Dec 29: Teody, a musician friend who taught us some very valuable music-related stuff.

Are you a December baby too?

Monday, December 14, 2009

Dear Enemy by Jean Webster


Dear Enemy by Jean Webster

Dear Enemy is the sequel to Jean Webster’s more popular book, Daddy-Long-Legs. Daddy-Long-Legs is one of my most favorite books, and if you’ve read Daddy-Long-Legs and loved it, you’ll love this book too.

Daddy-Long-Legs featured Judy Abbott, an orphan from the John Grier Home, who was sponsored by a very rich and generous alumni, to go to college. The whole of the book then consists of letters that Judy writes to her anonymous benefactor about her life and her friends in college.

Among her closest friends is Sally McBride, who is the protagonist of Dear Enemy. Sally is asked to be the director of the John Grier Home after Judy’s husband bought it over, and this book tells the story of how Sally takes over the running of the orphanage, falls in love with the kids, and falls in love, all in letters that Sally writes to various people.

There is a certain charm to the way Jean Webster tells her stories, and although some people don’t like epistolary novels, I think these two books are among the good ones. Some epistolary novels are hard to read because of the way they’re written, but both Daddy-Long-Legs and Dear Enemy are written in short and witty chapters, with illustrations to boot!

Daddy-Long-Legs has long been a favorite since I was a little girl, and now I’ve added Dear Enemy to my exclusive list of favorite books as well.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Music Lesson by Victor L. Wooten


The Music Lesson by Victor L. Wooten

If music was a religion, and some people would say it is, *this* book would be its bible!

I have never heard of Victor L. Wooten, and it was my husband, who is a musician, who bought this book.

Initially, I thought that it was some kind of autobiography of how Wooten grew spiritually as a musician, and I wasn’t really very interested in reading another musician’s autobiography, especially since I haven’t even heard of this particular musician.

Well, thing is, this book isn’t really an autobiography, or maybe it is, but you find yourself really wondering how true it is. It’s believable, yet so incredible that it you have to wonder at it. There’s so much in this book, about music and how to live your life fully and completely, and the more I read, the more I wonder, how could anyone live without music?!

The phrase “no music, no life” is true as far as I’m concerned, and I believe anyone, not just musicians, who love music should read this book. It is beautifully written, but I lack the skill to express how beautiful it is. There’s a lot to the book, I can’t describe it, I can only urge everyone I know to read it and live a richer and more musical life!

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

13 Hobbies & Interests TT #35

I have a lot of interests and hobbies, because I think there are a lot of fun things to do out there. I may not do them all at once, but all these 13 has been a hobby or an interest at one time or another.

  1. Reading and collecting books!!
  2. Singing and writing music
  3. Crochet and knitting
  4. Writing snail-mail letters to penpals
  5. Cooking
  6. Fishing
  7. Palm reading
  8. Tarot reading
  9. Sketching and painting
  10. Watching TV shows and reality TV
  11. Learning Chinese
  12. Looking for fairies in the garden
  13. Making hand-made cards

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