Wednesday, December 16, 2009

13 December Birthdays TT #36

Somehow I seem to have a lot of closer friends who are born in December than any other month! (Or maybe it just seems that way because there are so many presents to buy in December! Yikes!) So anyway, here are 13 December Birthdays!

Dec 2: Rob, a very close friend of mine who I’ve never met IRL!

Dec 4: Seng, an old and dear friend

Dec 4: Samantha, an old friend I’d lost touch with but have recently found again!

Dec 7: Eddy, a very talented musician friend

Dec 9: Lone, my dearest husband

Dec 13: Jason, one of my bestest friends ever!

Dec 15: Sanjiv, a student of Lone’s

Dec 20: Riri, one of the sweetest friends we have who’d recently gotten married

Dec 20: Sandra, Rob’s wife, whom I’ve also never met IRL but feel like I know so well!

Dec 21: Ceaser, the guy who helped bring Lone and I together

Dec 24: Tati, the wife of one of Lone’s bestest friends

Dec 25: My father! Born on Christmas!

Dec 29: Teody, a musician friend who taught us some very valuable music-related stuff.

Are you a December baby too?


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