Saturday, April 04, 2009

The Old Man and The Sea by Ernest Hemingway


The Old Man and The Sea by Ernest Hemingway

I've had this book for ten years, and I kept putting off reading it because I assumed it would be a boring, old classic.


If I had only known! This is one of the most exciting, sitting-on-the-edge-of-my-seat books I've ever read!


At the back of my copy, it says that this is a "triumphant yet tragic story", and oh, how I celebrate and sympathize with the old man!


I know the feelings of excitement and triumph well when it comes to fishing, since I'm somewhat of an amateur fisherman myself. I've been fishing with my father for several years, and while we've never gone deep sea fishing, we've had our share of triumphant and tragic fishing moments.


The old man's experience with the giant marlin is amazing, and to be quite honest, I'm not sure I can find the words to describe my feelings as I was reading this book. Hope maybe, and fear, helplessness because I couldn't do anything to help him, respect for his steadiness and strength, jubilation when he triumphed, sadness when he was defeated, worry for his safety, and ultimately, moved by his story.


I am moved almost to tears by this amazing, amazing story, and I daresay that this book is among the top ten best books I've ever read in my life, and I haven't been a slouch when it comes to reading books either! This is one book that I will not forget easily, and one that will stay in my heart for a long time.


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