Friday, April 10, 2009

Final Friends Trilogy by Christopher Pike


Final Friends Trilogy (The Party, The Dance, and The Graduation) by Christopher Pike


This book is a three-in-one, all three books in Christopher Pike’s Final Friends series are included.


Christopher Pike is one of my favorite authors, and in fact, I first knew I wanted to be a writer only after I started reading his books.


Although I had always enjoyed reading, I had never realized that writing required any mastery until I read Pike. I was eleven years old, and any books I read prior to Pike (granted they were mostly children’s and YA books) never showed the mastery that he did.


The Final Friends trilogy is one of my favorite YA Pike stories, and I’ve read it many times over the years whenever I feel nostalgic. Which is appropriate, because this story is about being nostalgic, for high school and for high school friends, your final friends.


Of course, it’s a Pike book, so there’s also death, suspense, mystery, and romance, and he does them all so well.


I consider this as one of Pike’s best books, adult novels and YA both included, and I can guarantee that I will definitely be reading it again and again in years to come.


Robert Ong said...

How do you managed to get this book? I've been searching for many years. I've finished reading Final Friends 1&2 but not 3. Chritopher pike's books remain my favorite for more than a century!! :-)

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