Saturday, April 04, 2009

The Prestige by Christopher Priest


The Prestige by Christopher Priest


I watched the movie years ago when it came out, and I loved it! It was exciting, suspenseful, shocking, and became one of my favorite movies ever.


There is one unfortunate thing about it though, once you've watched it and know about the surprises, you naturally don't get surprised when you watch it a 2nd time. However, the movie is so masterfully done that you still enjoy watching it again to find out how you missed the surprises the first time.


I didn't plan to read the book, because I enjoyed the movie so much that I assumed that the movie either stayed completely true to the book, or that the book was just a mediocre book where they got the idea from.


How wrong I was!


I finally decided I had to read the book when I saw so many great reviews of it in They intrigued me, made me wonder why so many people loved the book so much. What was I missing? I had to read it and find out. And now that I have, I'm amazed!


One thing I do have to say though, since I've already seen the movie, I already knew some of the book's secrets, but it didn't stop me from enjoying the book, and the story. It's the first time I've read a book, and seen a movie based on it, in which they were both different from each other, but loved both of them!


The movie was dramatic, sinister, and tragic, the book was less dramatic, but no less exciting and tragic in its circumstances, and I honestly can't decide which of them is better. They are both different, and they're both amazing, and I would recommend both watching the movie and reading the book, but I'm not sure which of them you should do first, because inevitably there will be spoilers for the other no matter which you do first.


But I enjoyed them both despite that, and perhaps the spoilers will not matter when the journeys of the movie and the book themselves are so magical.


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