Saturday, December 06, 2008

Read Your Name Challenge 2009



And yet another reading challenge for me! 2009 is going to be a really interesting year for me, juggling books and work and life. LOL!


This challenge is to read your name in book title first letters, ultimately spelling out your name. You can use any name you want, your real name, your blogger name, the name you always wished you were called, like maybe Princess Aurora, or Superman. LOL!


The challenge runs from Jan. 1st 2009, to Dec. 31st 2009, you can join anytime before Dec. 31st 2009. (Well, if you join on Dec. 30th, you can always just read one book that starts with your initial. *g*)


You can sign up with Mister Linky at the Read Your Name Challenge blog.


I'm using my nickname when I first started using the internet, and it's got my name Betty in there anyway. Here's what I'll be reading:


("The" as in "The Cider House Rules" will not be counted for T's, but "A" as in "A Time to Kill" will be counted for A's.)


1. S - The Summer Before by Patricia Windsor image
2. T - The Third Eye by Lois Duncan image
3. A - A Lifetime Burning by Linda Gillard image
4. R - The Reader by Bernhard Schlink image
5. B -

The Bomb That Followed Me Home by Cevin Soling

6. Y -
7. T - Twilight by Stephanie Meyer

8. E - Ella Enchanted by Gail Carson Levine image
9. S - Scarlett by Alexandra Ripley image


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