Wednesday, December 17, 2008

One Red Paperclip by Kyle Macdonald

One Red Paperclip by Kyle Macdonald


A few years back I heard about this guy who started with one red paperclip and traded his way up to finally get a house.


I was definitely intrigued, and more than a little curious, but somehow I must have forgotten about it because I never followed up on it.


Recently, just last year actually, he published a book on it, and I finally bought the book yesterday. I read it until late last night and finished it late this evening with tears in my eyes.


It's an amazingly inspiring story, and really kind of overwhelming, in fact. But reading this book and seeing Kyle's attitude, I'd have to say that he was just the right person to pull off this stunt. He's got so much charm, humor, and enthusiasm for what he was doing, you can feel his charisma ooze off the pages.


One_Red_PaperclipHis blog is still up, I just checked, and now he's putting the house he got up for trade. This whole book is an adventure, and I guess he's ready for another adventure. I'm definitely interested in seeing what happens next.


I can't say enough how amazing this whole story is, and how inspiring, and how dreams that may seem outlandish and impossible can actually come true.


This is how the cover of the book looks like, simple and effective.


Go get the book, read it, and be inspired to LIVE.


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