Saturday, December 20, 2008

Cyber Cinderella by Christina Hopkinson

Cyber Cinderella by Christina Hopkinson

I've been reading a lot of heavy books lately, and I just felt like having a little light, fun, book to relax with, especially with how busy this December has become.

Cyber Cinderella is about this ordinary woman, Izobel Brannigan, who googled herself one day out of curiousity (which of us haven't done that?), and then found a website dedicated to her.

She isn't a celebrity, or even remotely connected to one, she hasn't done anything particularly worth noting, she's just an ordinary person. And yet the website dedicated to her seems to be saying otherwise. Izobel is a little bit flattered, but mostly freaked out. Does somebody have a crush on her? Or did she have a stalker? Who is this person who have been following her and taking 'pap' (papparazzi) shots of her and putting them on the website?

The suspense almost killed me while I read the book, wondering who the website creator was. The writing itself was ok, and the book as a whole was enjoyable, but it was the suspense that got to me! I just literally couldn't put the book down, I kept turning the page, hoping that the next one would tell me who the person was and then I'll be content to go to bed and finish the book the next day.

I finally found out who it was, and I ended up finishing the book too anyway. It's a fun read, but I didn't exactly get to relax because I was too curious and wanted to find out whodunnit it a hurry. Oh well, on to my next read then.


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