Monday, November 24, 2008

Un Lun Dun by China Mieville

Un_Lun_Dun Un Lun Dun by China Mieville


This book was recommended to me by's 'Recommended for You' program, apparently because I'd been adding a lot of fantasy books into my wish list.


Un Lun Dun is about the world of UnLondon, where all the lost, broken, and unwanted things of London end up. There's a war brewing in UnLondon, and the citizens are counting on Zanna, the chosen one, to save them from the enemy, a sinister cloud called Smog.


Zanna's just an ordinary girl from London, she's scared and confused and not really sure what she's supposed to do. The only thing anybody knows is that Zanna was written in the Book of Prophesies as their savior from Smog, but is the Book really accurate?


Thankfully, Zanna's not alone, her best friend Deeba, goes along with her to the world of UnLondon to help defeat the evil Smog. What comes next is some interesting encounters with strange and wonderful characters, a surprising twist of events, a hero's quest, and a whole lot of excitement.


I found this book really entertaining, and very, very, creative. Mieville's mind really works in wondrous ways, and I'd probably never be able to come up with half the ideas and concepts she came up with in the book. I found the book to be reminiscent of Neil Gaiman's style, and well, everyone knows how much I love his books. Even the illustrations in the book were drawn by Mieville herself.


This is my first book by Mieville, but it's definitely not going to be the last. I'm looking forward to reading more from her.


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