Monday, November 10, 2008

Musing Mondays: November 10 2008

Today’s MUSING MONDAYS is about the giving & keeping of books!

If you keep your books, where do you keep them? And, if you give them away, who do you give them to? Do you participate in Bookcrossing, BookMooch, PaperbackSwap, or the like? Do you give your old books to family & friends, or donate them? Are any of your books in storage due to not having enough space for them all? Or, are you one of the lucky ones who has their own “library”? Feel free to share pictures, if you have them!

I'm a lucky one who has my own "library", but it's a small one, and I still can't seem to get all my books to fit. Actually it's my own fault coz I want them all to be organized, I would probably have enough space if I double-stacked, but I refuse to do that, so I'm left with not enough space.

I used to be a very active Bookcrosser, but I ended up buying and getting more books than I was giving away, and although it was really fun and one of the best times of my life, I couldn't keep up with all the books anymore, not to mention the money I spent sending my books overseas on trades and bookrings and all that. I'm using BookMooch, and it's not too bad actually, but kinda slow in helping me get rid of all my excessive books.

I've got lots of books in storage now, and I'm just waiting, waiting, waiting...for the day that I will have a house big enough to have a huge library. I can always dream, can't I?

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