Sunday, March 08, 2009

The Third Eye by Lois Duncan

image The Third Eye by Lois Duncan


This was one of my favorite books as a teen, and of course, I became a Lois Duncan fan after that.


As I said, I needed light and easy reads, and this was another book I finished in one sitting. It's a re-read, but the last time I read it was years ago, and it was amazing revisiting one of the best books in my teen years.


I've always been interested in the paranormal, so books about being able to see the future always intrigue me.


This book is about Karen, who's supposedly a normal teen girl, but she's got the gift of being able to 'see' things. She found out about it when one of the kids she was babysitting went missing, and she found him just by 'knowing'.


Later, when babies were kidnapped from the daycare center where she worked, one of the babies happened to be the nephew of the police officer who worked on the previous missing child case involving her. He enlisted her help in looking for the babies, and although Karen's gift was new and frightening to her, she decided to help.


It's a really simple book, and easy to read. To be honest, re-reading it again as an adult lets me see some flaws in the book that I never noticed as a teen, but once a book has wormed its way into your heart, it's there to stay, no matter the flaws.


I believe years from now I will still be enjoying this book, and maybe my children and my grandchildren in the future will love it too.


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