Saturday, March 14, 2009

Casey by Lori Foster


Casey by Lori Foster


This is the fifth book of the Buckhorn series, but I've never read the first four. It's quite a sweet and simple love story.


I got this in a mail a couple of days ago, from a Bookcrosser, along with some other books, and I'd been reading a lot of really heavy books lately and just needed a light and easy romance.


I'm short on romance and chick-lit at the moment, and I promised myself I wouldn't buy anymore, so I've been going through some really bad withdrawal symptoms! Some days I actually don't feel like reading at all, because all other books feel so daunting!


Anyway, this book is about Casey and Emma. Emma is a childhood friend of Casey, and they'd shared a special history before she ran away from their town because of family problems, leaving Casey worried and devastated.


Eight years later, Emma's father is sick in the hospital and she decides to come back to visit him. Of course, she bumps into Casey, and they pick up where they left off. Obviously, there are a lot of obstacles in the way, not least of which are Emma's family problems, Casey's host of female latch-ons, and their past history together.


All's well that ends well, however, and they find a way to resolve their problems.


All I can say is, I really needed this book! It wasn't the best romance, or even the most enjoyable, and in fact, although it wasn't bad, it wasn't very good either. But I really needed it! And I need more! I'm considering breaking down and buying some chick-lit soon!


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