Thursday, January 08, 2009

Thursday Thirteen #6 Reasons for Reading



Today's Thursday Thirteen is going to be a simple one because I've been really busy this last week and hadn't had the time to come up with better ideas for T13! LOL! =)


So here are 13 reasons why I love reading:


1. I learn more about human nature and psychology from reading fiction than I ever did from all the psychology textbooks I studied in college.

2. I have become a better person because I learn how to put myself in the other person's shoes when I read books that feature multiple points of view.

3. Waiting in line for anything can become enjoyable when you have a good book with you.

4. A book keeps you company whenever you have to eat alone too.

5. I learn many useful information from reading fiction that most people can never find anywhere else. (eg. How to survive on a lifeboat with a Bengal tiger -from Life of Pi! LOL!)

6. Ok, jokes aside, there really are many *really* useful information you can find from reading fiction that you won't find from textbooks.

7. Non-fiction also teaches me a lot, and there are many interesting, helpful, amazing, life-changing, etc, things I have discovered from these books.

8. My life is richer, more exciting, more adventurous, and I have become more creative, more imaginative, more daring, and more motivated to live life to the fullest and bring myself to my fullest potential.

9. Although reading is usually a solitary activity, I have met so many great, wonderful, generous, amazing friends and readers whom I can relate to with our love of books and reading.

10. Ah yes, they help me escape reality once in a while, like a nice long vacation, but cheaper and without all the hassle of packing and getting plane tickets and accommodations and checking in and out and unpacking and etc.

11. They also let me enjoy my vacations better when I do go for them! How much more enjoyable visiting China is after reading Pearl S. Buck's The Dragon Empress, or Paris' Louvre after reading The Da Vinci Code! (Not that I've been any of these places, but I know I'd enjoy them more 'cause of the books I read!)

12. I get it when somebody uses literary references! Like "That bast*rd boss of mine is a true Machiavellian!" or "That poor woman had to make a real-life Sophie's Choice!" (Ok, I'm not good at making these references myself, but you get what I mean!)

13. It's such a big part of me! I couldn't stop reading any more than I could stop breathing. Honestly, I wouldn't be the person I am now if it weren't for all the books I read, and I love who I am today!




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