Wednesday, January 14, 2009

13 Authors : Thursday Thirteen #7



This week I'm doing 13 authors whose books I buy simply because the books have these authors' names on them. This list only applies to authors who have written more than one novel, and by no means show the only authors I love. How could I choose only 13 favorites? =)


Here are the 13 authors:


1. Christopher Pike - I read my first Pike novel when I was 11, and was hooked from then on. I've read *all* (as far as I know) his books, and I try to collect as many of them as I can.

2. L. J. Smith - Another favorite author from my teen years. I still enjoy re-reading her books.

3. Neil Gaiman - I love his stories, I love his humor, I love his style.

4. Sheri S. Tepper - I think she's a genius at plotting and storylines, her books are really creative and detailed, and they give you food for thought.

5. George R. R. Martin - I am in love with his A Song of Ice and Fire series. In fact, if you asked me what book I'd choose if I could only read one book in my whole entire life, it is this series. (I know that's cheating because it's a series, but it really shows how well I think about these books! And it doesn't mean I'd enjoy only having one book to read either, I'd probably die! But if I *had* to choose, it would be this series!)

6. Margaret Atwood - If you've read her books, you'd understand why. She's amazing, and her stories are extremely thought-provoking and sometimes scary too!

7. Tanith Lee - A little bit dark and slightly depressing, but she brings you to a whole different world and gives you such a different perspective.

8. Jodi Picoult - Books with stories that put you in 'what if' situations. She tackles many controversial subjects and hard-to-talk-about things and makes you confront many of your preconceived ideas.

9. Paulo Coelho - Wonderfully simple stories with so much meaning and wisdom in them. I could read them over and over again and find more gems every time!

10. Stephen King - I read his books on dark and stormy days, warm and cozy in my bed with the lights turned low. Of course, I also make sure I'm not alone in the house!

11. Robin McKinley - I love her fairy-tale retellings, and I love seeing them in a completely new light.

12. Ellen Datlow and 13. Terri Windling - Ok, I may be cheating with these two authors, because they don't *write* all the books I have with their names on the cover (they edit them), but they *are* authors in their own right, and I *do* buy any book with their names on it, so they count! =)


That's my Thursday 13 today, what's yours?




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