Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Bomb That Followed Me Home by Cevin Soling

image The Bomb That Followed Me Home by Cevin Soling


This little book by Cevin Soling, the third book in the Rumpleville Chronicles of Fairly Twisted Fairy Tales, isn't meant for children, any more than the original Brothers Grimm's fairy tales were meant for children.


The Bomb That Followed Me Home is a short story, effective, definitely twisted, and horribly amusing. Emphasis on 'horribly'. Not because it was a horrible story, but because it was so amusing, in such a horrible way.


It tells the story about a bomb who followed a little boy home, the same way a stray cat or puppy might follow a child home. The boy wants to keep the bomb, but his parents are against it.


They didn't want to be responsible for the care of the bomb; having to polish it, change its fuse, or stand guard over it at night, so they put up signs to find the owner of the bomb, and then they tried looking for people who might want to adopt it, all without luck, and they have to figure out what to do with it.


Although twisted, I found the book surprisingly charming, and I really loved the wonderful illustrations by Steve Kille. It made me want to get all the books in the Rumpleville Chronicles, not least because I'm a huge fan of twisted fairy tales, but also because I thought Soling's story was very creative and hilarious!


Grimm fans will love this, and all the other books in the Rumpleville Chronicles. There are seven more due out in the future, and I'm sure they'll all be as enjoyable to read as this one was. I can't wait!


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