Monday, June 01, 2009

The Carriage House by Carla Neggers

image The Carriage House by Carla Neggers


From an Amazon review:


When Tess accepts a rundown house by the sea in lieu of payment for a design job, she never expects a skeleton buried in the cellar and the handsome, taciturn widower next door to be part of the package.

But the skeleton vanishes before anyone else sees it, throwing doubt on Tess's claims and throwing her into a panic, as the stealing of the skeleton likely points to murder.

This also puts a damper on her unsought, but irresistible, romance with neighbor Andrew.


My thoughts:


This book is definitely different from the usual books you find in this genre, and I found Neggers’ storytelling style interesting. That doesn’t mean that it was amazing, however.


I enjoyed the story, and I thought it was very imaginative and different, yes, but I’m not sure I like her writing style at all. The book seemed very predictable to me, even though Neggers tries to confuse us with certain of the characters’ points of view.


I thought that the story could’ve been told in a much better way, if Neggers made more effort trying to throw us from the trail, but I felt that either she wasn’t very interested in keeping us in suspense, or she was just plain too lazy to mislead us.


Either way, the story definitely would’ve been much better if she’d told it a different way. I have to say that I enjoyed the romance between Tess and Andrew though, there was definitely chemistry there, and I thought Neggers did a great job in building the chemistry.


Perhaps that’s the reason she wasn’t interested in keeping us in suspense, she was more interested in the romance aspect of the book than the suspense.


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