Monday, June 29, 2009

Cover of Night by Linda Howard


Cover of Night by Linda Howard


I didn’t expect to like this book. I’d never read Linda Howard before and I thought that this might be one of those lousy romance-mystery novels.


Happily, I found myself loving this book and Linda Howard’s writing!


Very simply, this book tells the story of Cate, whose husband died some years earlier from an accident, and left her with twin infant boys.


She moved to a new, very isolated, very small town, to start over, just wanting to live a simple life and provide for her kids.


Unfortunately one day, one of Cate’s tenants brought some trouble along with him, and left Cate and the inhabitants in a very desperate situation when dangerous killers come to their town, determined to get what they want.


And of course, along the course of the thrilling story, there’s a romance budding between Cate and Cal, the handyman who Cate has never noticed before until now when he steps up and tries to save the town from these men.


I wouldn’t say it was the most believable story, and it was pretty over the top as well, but it was told so convincingly, and in such an exciting way, that I couldn’t help but enjoy the story. A lot.


In fact, Linda Howard has become an author whose name I plan to look out for when I next go shopping for books! I’m excited to read more from her.


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