Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Most Wanted by Jacquelyn Mitchard

image The Most Wanted by Jacquelyn Mitchard


This book is about a young girl, Arley Mowbray, only fifteen years old, who starts corresponding with a prison inmate, falls for him, and marries him.


She isn’t a “bad” girl, she’s not your typical rebellious teenager, but somehow being as naive and innocent as she is, she gets herself into trouble when she marries this prisoner.


His letters are thoughtful, full of meaningful poems and sweet words. He treats her very tenderly when she visits him at prison. But she gets pregnant, and then she gets a life, and he starts getting jealous and finally breaks out of prison to look for her and the baby.


Things escalate from there, with the outcome looking bleak for everyone.


Personally, I found the story very interesting. These are not your typical characters, and Arley is definitely not the kind of girl you’d expect to find in this situation, though it may be that I’m stereotyping…


Anyway, you can’t help but love Arley and think she’s stupid at the same time, because of course, she is. But you know there’s hope for her, there’s more to her than that, and you wonder, how on earth is she going to get herself out of this situation.


After all is said and done, however, while I enjoyed the story and liked the characters, this isn’t something that resonates with me. It doesn’t particularly touch me or stay with me. It’s a story, and a well-told one, but it’s just a story to me.


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