Sunday, May 31, 2009

Fate and Ms. Fortune by Saralee Rosenberg

imageFate and Ms. Fortune by Saralee Rosenberg


From the blurb:


With the name Robyn Fortune, shouldn't luck be a sure thing? Instead, black clouds love me. All I did was show up at a family bar mitzvah and cue lightning . . . this huge storm blew in.

My mom announced she was leaving my dad and moving in with me. (Perfect! More competition on JDate.) I found out my boss planned to fire me. (Help wanted: Be the exclusive makeup artist for a two-faced network news star.) My ex's gambling debts left me near bankruptcy. (Please buy our wedding gifts on craigslist.) But, good news. I was offered money to date a man who had worse luck than me. (Dear Visa, I hope you appreciate that I said yes.)

If not for my friend Rachel, I would have chickened out. Instead, I went to his apartment, spotted an old photo, and realized it was HIM! The boy I was mad for in college but never got to meet. And get this! Turns out our paths had been crossing since birth.

Coincidence or karma? Our finagling families wouldn't talk . . . until the day destiny sent me on a wild ride that became my long lost spiritual journey.

Ladies, take my advice. When fate knocks, answer the damn door!


My thoughts:


Oh, fun, fun, fun read! It’s not your regular chick-lit story, because I can tell you one thing, while the characters were caricatures, they aren’t your regular stereotyped characters.


I can’t really say much because I don’t want to give away anything, so I’ll just tell more about what I thought of the characters. I initially didn’t like the ‘boy (she) was mad for in college’, and in fact, I didn’t like him much later on either. I did like another guy she knew in high school, and what a great catch he is! I’d love to have someone like him for myself!


I love Robyn’s mum, I thought she was fun and full of life, though I don’t like the reason she gave for leaving Robyn’s dad, apparently for an old flame she used to have before marrying Robyn’s dad.


I love the writing style, it was really such fun reading this book, and I enjoyed the easy flow of reading the words on paper. A lot of the book was funny, except the stand-up jokes, which to be honest, were a little lame.


Anyway, all’s well that ends well, and things finally work themselves out in the end. It’s a great summer beach read, though I’m a little early, but hey, it’s always summer in Malaysia.


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