Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Last Summer (Of You and Me) by Ann Brashares


The Last Summer (Of You and Me) by Ann Brashares


From the Amazon review:


For as long as she can remember, 21-year-old Alice has spent summers on Fire Island with her parents and older sister, Riley. Riley, 24, is a beach lifeguard, more boyish in both looks and spirit than sweet, feminine Alice.

An island neighbor and Riley's best friend, Paul, whose father is dead and mother mostly absent, returns to the island after two years away and must decide whether to sell his family's house there.

More importantly, he and Alice finally act on an attraction they've felt for years, but they keep their frequent nuzzling quiet so as not to hurt Riley. Riley, meanwhile, has her own problems that could ruin Alice and Paul's clandestine romance and just about everything else.


My thoughts:


I've never read The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants or any of the author's works before, although I've watched the movie and enjoyed it, so I wasn't sure what to expect with this book.


I ended up really loving this book! A couple of people have said that what happens between Paul, Alice, and Riley were overly dramatic, and I agree that what happens is actually quite a trivial thing that could’ve been solved very easy, compared to so many other books out there that have more shocking and dramatic things happening.


But I think that’s what I like about the book. It’s real. What happens between them is trivial and made more dramatic because they didn’t communicate and couldn’t solve a very-easily-solved problem, but it’s real and could easily happen with anyone of us. I’ve had my own share of overly dramatic experiences, which could’ve been solved easily, if only I had been less immature.


I love this book because it’s real. It's something that could happen to any of us in real life. It's a trivial, mundane, everyday thing, that two young people didn't handle well, and because of that, escalated the tension, the misunderstanding, and the drama. And it could happen to anyone of us.


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