Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Twins TT #24

I’d just finished reading The Margarets by Sheri S. Tepper, animaged the book featured twins, so I thought I’d do a TT on twins this week.

13 facts about twins:

  1. Feodor Vassiliev of Shuya, Russia gave birth to the most sets of twins; 16 sets (in addition to 7 sets of triplets & 4 sets of quadruplets). She had a total of 69 children(born between 1725-1765), 67 of whom survived infancy.
  2. Mrs. Peggy Lynn gave birth to Hanna on November 11 1995 and twin Eric on Feb 2 1996, 84 days later, the longest interval between twins.
  3. The oldest female twins in the world were Japan's Kin Narita and Gin Kanie who were born August 1 1892. Kin passed away on January 23 2000 from heart failure at the age of 107, and Gin passed away February 28 2001 at 108.
  4. The oldest females in the USA were most likely Alice Grubb Hill and Maggie Grubb Lambeth of North Carolina were born January 13 1884, and both died at 106.
  5. The oldest male twins ever were Eli and John Phipps born February 14 1803. Eli lived to 108 years, 9 days. They are also the USA's longest lived male twins.
  6. The world's first test tube twins are Stephen and Amanda Mays born June 5 1981.
  7. The most identical twins are John and William Reiff of Pennsylvania, who have won a record 22 titles in a most identical contest. They have had a 13 year winning streak (57-96).
  8. The youngest mother of twins is Donna Dowman of England, conceived twins at 13 and had Rachel and Rebecca at age 14 in 1997. Nicola Doherty of England had her twins Courteney and Caitlyn April 20 1997 when she was 14.
  9. The youngest father of twins is James Sutton of England, who was 13 when his girlfriend Sarah Drinkwater (age 17) had identical twins Leah and Louise in late 1999.
  10. The oldest mother of twins is Lin Fu-mei of Taiwan, who apparently had twins at age 59. Judy Cates of the USA had twins at age 58. Lynne Bezant of England had twins David and Susan on May 24 2001 at age 56. Marilyn Nolen had twins Travis and Ryan on March 22 2000 at age 55.
  11. Twins run in my family! One of my aunts was born a twin, her twin died as a child in a car accident. I also have cousins who are fraternal twins, a boy and a girl.
  12. My brother’s wife is now pregnant with twin girls!
  13. They’re due on the last week of August! Very soon now! =)


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