Wednesday, August 12, 2009

MIA : TT #23

Wow, the last time I did a T13 was on May 7th, over 3 months ago!! I had no idea it was so long ago! Time really flies, doesn’t it?

So anyway, since I’d been MIA so long on T13, I thought the most appropriate T13 for me today, after not doing one for so long, is:

13 Reasons why I’ve been MIA on T13:

  1. Planning my wedding guest list, not as easy as I thought it would be!
  2. Preparing and taking our pre-wedding photographs. Still have a lot to do and prepare for, before the second shoot.
  3. Writing and recording our new and old original songs. Also planning for the homemade music videos. =)
  4. Studying Chinese! I’ve been learning Chinese on my own, and reading Chinese comic books to help me learn. That’s another reason why there’ve been less book reviews here, I’ve been reading less English books.
  5. Studying for my double degree in Holistic Nutrition and Natural Health. So interesting, but the projects are time-consuming.
  6. Preparing our documents and other necessary information for our immigration application to Canada.
  7. Learning and practicing new songs, and performing at weddings and other events.
  8. Working on our upcoming site for our music and other related info.
  9. There’s been a lot of babies popping out from our friends and relatives, so I’ve been busy crocheting baby stuff for them too!
  10. Oh, I recently started writing snail mail to new penpals. Haven’t had a penpal since I was 12, and really loving having things in the mail to look forward to.
  11. Started playing badminton again, because I realized I’m sedentary most of the time and need some exercise to keep fit.
  12. Ok, ok! I’ll admit it! I’d been twittering a lot too. =P
  13. And I’m just plain terrible at time management. =(

I’ll try to do better with T13s, because honestly, I’ve missed it so much! I miss visiting everyone’s T13s and coming up with ideas for my own. It’s too much fun for me to stop, so I’m back, and I’ll be as regular as I possibly can!


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