Sunday, August 02, 2009

New Layout!

Whew! It took a while to get this new layout right, there were so many bugs and I had to do it over four times!!

I got bored of the old layout, and especially the white background. I couldn't stand all that white anymore, so I looked all over for one that suited my purpose and made sure it wasn't white!

I hope you all like this one. =)

Anyway, I know I've been a bit slow on updating my reviews lately, I blame it on the old layout, I was just so sick of it! =P

I'll do better now that I've got a new look, I promise! =)

I've still got some things I need to work on... links, for one, because the old one was outdated, and I haven't linked to some of my new favorite book blogs. Please be patient with that.

Another thing is that I've changed my commenting system to Disqus, so unfortunately all the old comments were deleted! =(

I'm going to see if I can log in to my old commenting system account and manually enter some of the more recent entries. It's a shame if the old comments are lost because there were some really great ones.

So anyway, lots to do, and many books to review too! Talk later! =)

(PS. Ok, fine, there's some white in the layout, but at least it's not the whole background! =P )


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