Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Wedding Preparations TT #30

So we have about 3 more months before our wedding, and we’ve left so much of the planning and preparations til the last minute that now we’re rushing to get things done!

To be honest, we’re both not really the kind who cares about having a wedding at all, but as expected, we have to please our families, so we have to have one. And since we’re having one, we thought we might as well do it our way. =)

Except we’re a little bit too lazy to bother organizing it.

But we kinda have to because it’s gonna have to happen whether or not we organize it, and it’s much better if we organize it well, right? =)

So because we have to, here’s 13 of the things we have to get done for the wedding:

1. Finalize the guest list.

2. Print the invitation cards.

3. Plan the seating arrangements for our guests.

4. Hire the photographer/videographer.

5. Choose the menu for the dinner.

6. Food tasting session before the dinner.

7. Organize the performances for the evening.

8. Work out the schedule for the night.

9. Plan the wedding entrance with our entourage.

10. Choose the songs for our ‘soundtrack’.

11. Choose the deco for the venue.

12. Decide on the flowers.

13. Delegating responsibilities to our bridesmaids and best man.

I’m pretty sure we’ve got a lot more to do than this though… just can’t think of the details right now. =P


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