Thursday, October 29, 2009

Thinner by Stephen King

image Thinner by Stephen King

As most of you know by now, I’m on a Stephen King binge this year. I’ve read four this year, (not counting another two yet; The Long Walk & The Running Man) and have a lot more of his books in queue!

I bought this book because I remember my cousin Allison telling me about it many years ago. I remember she said that this book really freaked her out.

Perhaps it’s because she hadn’t read his other books at the time? Or maybe there’s just something that stood out to her in this story? I gotta ask her one day.

Anyway, she told me that this story was about this man who was cursed by a gypsy to keep getting thinner and thinner everyday until he wasted away. It didn’t matter how much he ate, he kept getting thinner.

Thinner doesn’t compare to the other King books I’d already read, but still, King is an amazing storyteller, and the story was thrilling and more than a little creepy, as his books are wont to be. It’s definitely worth reading, and the ending is great, though I can’t tell you much else or I’ll give it all away!


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