Sunday, July 12, 2009

Gerald’s Game by Stephen King


Gerald’s Game by Stephen King


Ever since I read a teaser about this book from Nicholas at A Gentleman’s Domain, I became so curious that I just had to read it.


I started looking for it all over, every bookstore I went to, I looked all the shelves with Stephen King’s books, and they always had Stephen King’s books. Just not this particular one.


I finally found it, a couple of weeks ago, at Kinokuniya in KLCC, a place I seldom ever go. I bought it immediately and started reading it as soon as I arrived home.


Whoa, was it intense! I’d read a couple of King’s books before, and I know this isn’t one of the more well-known ones, but so far, it’s been the most intense one for me!


Like Nicholas, I won’t say much except that this book is about a woman who’d been handcuffed near to her husband’s dead body and unable to escape. What I love about it is how King uses psychology to create the horror instead of relying on gory and bloody scenes.


Oh, there’s blood and gore, alright, but the masterpiece is in the way he describes what goes on in her mind while she’s handcuffed and stuck in the same room with her dead husband. We all know how our minds can play tricks on us.


Still, I have to say that while I like the psychology angle, my favorite part of the book was the “wrist” scene. You’ve got to read this to find out what I mean, I’m afraid, but let me just say that no movie scene could ever replicate how King writes that scene in the book.


I read this book in bed beside my husband, and let me tell you, my reaction while reading that scene piqued his curiosity so much that he wants to read the book now. He’s not much of a reader, and it’s a chore to get him to read even a short storybook, so him getting interested in this book is a miracle!


Read it, but only if you’re a fan of horror, and only if you’ve got a strong stomach.


Karen, author of "My Funny Dad, Harry" said...

I started this book and it was just too disgusting for me. I hated it so guess we have different tastes in books. My husband is a big Stephen King reader and had the book. I was just looking for something to read and so picked it off his shelf.

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