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Pegasus by Robin McKinley

Pegasus by Robin McKinley

Pegasus is a story about two completely different races living in a symbiotic relationship together. The humans kill the natural predators of the pegasi, and the pegasi’s presence always bring abundance to the humans.

The royal family and their cousins have been bound to their own personal pegasi when they turned twelve for dozens of generations, but the two races are so different that they can barely communicate or understand each other without the help of the magicians and shamans. That all changes when Princess Sylviianel and her pegasus, Ebon, find that they can speak directly to each other through their minds.

I usually either find myself loving McKinley’s work or being really ambivalent about them. The problem is, I’m not sure yet if I think this is a great book or a really meaningless one. Apparently, there is a sequel to this book, so I can hardly make my decision until I read the sequel because this book definitely can’t stand on its own.

To say that the ending was abrupt would be an understatement, and I honestly feel that the break didn’t work at all. McKinley and her publishers should have waited until the whole story was finished and published the whole thing together. If they couldn’t wait, they should’ve found a better way to bridge this book into the next.

Some people have said that they found the story slow going, and I would agree, but I did enjoy a lot of the back history and description of the differences between the races. There was a lot of beauty to the story, and a lot of nuances to the differences between the culture of the two races and the way they saw things differently. The truth is, I really did enjoy the story, even if I don’t like the way McKinley ended, or rather, didn’t end, it.

I am pretty invested in the story, so I will be looking forward to the sequel to see how everything turns out. I don’t recommend getting started on this book until the sequel is out though.

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