Friday, October 22, 2010

Blogging from Canada!

Well, I’m finally back posting on my bookblog!! I’ve missed my blog so much, I’m so glad to be back!

We’d been so busy with finding a place to live, buying furniture, getting a job, getting my school stuff done, basically just getting on from day to day, that I just thought I shouldn’t blog until we were settled… but we’ve been in Canada a couple of months now and I think we’re probably as settled as we’re ever going to be!

Of course, we still need to buy more winter clothes, and firewood, and I need a car!!! I’m enjoying walking and taking public transport, but not when it’s cold out and I’m freezing and carrying heavy groceries!

Other than those minor stuff, I’m really loving it here! The air is fresher, the people are wonderful, I’ve got everything I ever wanted! =)

And the library, oooooohhhh, the library!!!

As some of you know, I sold a lot of my books prior to coming, but I’ve also kept a lot of my treasured books which I left behind in Malaysia. I was thinking that I’d miss them so much, but the library is so amazing that I hardly miss my books at all!

I’ve got books galore, courtesy of the library!

Well, of course, I can’t keep them and I can’t bookcross them, but I’ve got plenty of books to read and more!

In Malaysia, I buy all the books I have because the libraries suck, but here… I’m in booklovers’ paradise! =D

Anyway, I’m looking forward to blogging regularly again! We’re still really busy with everything, but we’re settling as fast as we can! I’ve missed everyone in the blogosphere!


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