Thursday, July 08, 2010

Books for sale!

So the reason why I haven’t been blogging much lately is because I’ll be moving to Canada soon. This August to be exact.

I’ve been busy with preparations and stuff, and I’d also had to choose which of my books to leave behind, since I can’t bring them all with me. =( It was hard to let go of most of them, but it was necessary.

Anyway, I decided to sell them to make a little extra money. We are moving to a totally new place after all, and the extra money would come in really handy.

So take a look at the books listed and see if there’s anything you’ll like.

Books for sale! Cheap!

All prices are in Ringgit Malaysia.

Pick-up only, meaning you come and pick them up from me, unless you prefer me to mail them to you, in which case, you pay for the shipping and handling fees.

All fiction are RM5 to 10!

Reference books and textbooks are RM10 to 20!

Nothing higher than RM20!

Those who buy more than RM100 worth of books may get some free Bookcrossing books! (While “stocks” last. You can’t choose the books, but I’ll try to give you suitable ones based on your apparent reading tastes.)

I’m open to negotiating better deals if you buy more books, but please be reasonable!! I’ve spent a lot of money on these books, traded good books for some of them, have given away a lot of books for free, and I’m still selling these books for a really good price!

Email me at bettysbooks (at) gmail (dot) com and let me know which books you want. First email, first serve! Except for reference books and textbooks; if more than one person wants them, best offer gets them. 

Sorry about the bad pics. All the books are in very good to NEW condition! Some of them are old, but still in very good condition. Some have labels or names written in them. Some of them are NEW and have never even been read! (I have a book-buying addiction that makes me buy more books than I can read. =P)

Mass Market Paperbacks: RM5 each!

Fiction RM5

From Left to Right, Top to Bottom: (ALL SOLD!)

  1. Women Like Us - Erica Abeel (Reserved)
  2. Fire Along the Sky – Sara Donati (Reserved)
  3. The Smoke Jumper – Nicholas Evans (Reserved)
  4. Inheritance – Judith Michael
  5. The Demon Lover – Victoria Holt
  6. Striking Poses – Kate Thompson (SOLD!)
  7. 2 in 1 book: Something Borrowed & Wedding Blitz – Martina Reilly (SOLD!)
  8. The Friday Night Knitting Club – Kate Jacobs (Reserved)
  9. Atonement – Ian McEwan (Reserved)

Fiction 2 RM5


  1. Impostress – Lisa Jackson (SOLD!)
  2. Napoleon – Max Gallo (Reserved)
  3. Hemlock Bay – Catherine Coulter (SOLD!)
  4. Remember Summer – Elizabeth Lowell (SOLD!)
  5. Red Beans and Vice – Lou Jane Temple
  6. The Hundred Secret Senses – Amy Tan (Reserved)
  7. Empress Orchid – Anchee Min
  8. At Large – Lynne Murray
  9. Larcery and Old Lace – Tamar Myers

Fiction 3 RM5


  1. The Other Sister – Frances Brown
  2. Pandora – Jilly Cooper
  3. The Secret Swan – Shana Abe (SOLD!)
  4. Spring Moon – Bette Bao Lord
  5. Hex and the Single Girl – Valerie Frankel
  6. One Night Stand – Julie Cohen (Reserved)
  7. Charlie – Lesley Pearse
  8. Playing Away – Adele Parks
  9. PS. I Love You – Cecelia Ahern (SOLD!)

Fiction 4 RM5


  1. The Women in his Life – Barbara Taylor Bradford
  2. A Crowning Mercy – Bernard Cornwell
  3. Gallows Thief – Bernard Cornwell
  4. Reality Check – A. M. Goldsher
  5. I Take This Man – Valerie Frankel (SOLD!)
  6. Lost for Words – Lorelei Mathias (SOLD!)
  7. Sweetheart from Hell – May-Zhee Lim (SOLD!)
  8. Polo – Jilly Cooper
  9. The Time of the Hunter’s Moon – Victoria Holt

Fiction 5 RM 5


  1. Lily – Cindy Bonner (SOLD!)
  2. Lethe – Tricia Sullivan (Reserved)
  3. White Oleander – Janet Fitch (Reserved)
  4. Spirit Willing, Flesh Weak – Julie Cohen (Reserved)
  5. Forget About It – Caprice Crane (SOLD!)
  6. Memoirs are Made of These – Swan Adamson (SOLD!)

Fiction 6 RM5


  1. He Loves Lucy – Susan Donovan
  2. Play Dirty – Sandra Brown
  3. Sunrise – Grace Livingston Hill
  4. Always and Forever – Patrica Cavendish
  5. A Kingdom of Dreams – Judith McNaught

Fiction 7 RM 5


  1. The Game – Neil Strauss
  2. Sam the Cat – Matthew Klam
  3. Mrs. Mike – Benedict & Nancy Freedman
  4. Night Mare – Piers Anthony
  5. Baby Did a Bad Bad Thing – Gabrielle Lord (SOLD!)
  6. Twisted – Sarah Thorp (SOLD!)
  7. Sweetsir – Helen Yglesias
  8. Throwback – Frank C. Strunk (SOLD!)
  9. My Point, and I Do Have One – Ellen Degeneres (SOLD!)

Fiction 8 RM5


  1. Winter Solstice – Rosamund Pilcher (SOLD!)
  2. A Cavern of Black Ice – J.V. Jones
  3. Indelible – Karin Slaughter
  4. Devil May Care – Elizabeth Peters
  5. Samurai and Silk – Haru Matsukata Reischauer (SOLD!)
  6. The Testament – John Grisham (SOLD!)
  7. Gallows Hill – Lois Duncan
  8. Ransom – Lois Duncan
  9. Daughters of Eve – Lois Duncan (SOLD!)

Fiction 9 RM5


  1. Lethal Guardian – M. William Phelps (SOLD!)
  2. Panic – Jeff Abbot (SOLD!)
  3. Hey Nostradamus – Douglas Coupland (SOLD!)
  4. Do They Hear You When You Cry – Fauziya Kissindja (SOLD!)
  5. Waiting to Exhale – Terry McMillan
  6. Daughter of the Forest – Juliet Marillier (SOLD!)
  7. Not Between Brothers – David Marion Wilkinson (Reserved)
  8. The Innocent Man – John Grisham (SOLD!)
  9. The Last Juror – John Grisham (SOLD!)

Fiction 10 RM5


  1. Stitch – John B. Spencer
  2. Ghost Children – Sue Townsend (SOLD!)
  3. The Hero and the Crown – Robin McKinley (Reserved)
  4. People of the Wolf - Kathleen O'Neal Gear and W. Michael Gear (Reserved)
  5. Spirit of the Sea – Georgina Fleming (SOLD!)
  6. The Fire Rose – Mercedes Lackey
  7. A Sea Change – Lois Gould
  8. The Bond – Lilly Sommers
  9. Granny Dan – Danielle Steel

Fiction 11 RM5


  1. Fresh Blood
  2. When Red is Black – Qiu Xiaolong
  3. Immortals – Michael Korda
  4. Lolita – Vladimir Nabokov (SOLD!)
  5. Bedlam’s Bard – Mercedes Lackey
  6. Blazing Star – Marcella Thum
  7. Chinese Cinderella – Adeline Yen Mah
  8. Tears of the Giraffe – Alexander McCall Smith
  9. Romeo & Julia – Annie Kimberlin

General RM5


  1. Occult Murders
  2. Serial Killers
  3. Hidden Forces
  4. Divination
  5. Strange Talents
  6. Eternal Enigmas

General 2 RM5


  1. How to Write a Love Letter that Works – Sidney Bernstein & Linda Tarleton
  2. Do It! – John-Roger & Peter McWilliams (Reserved)
  3. From Thought to Theme – William F. Smith & Raymond D. Liedlich (Reserved)
  4. What Color is Your Parachute? 2007 – Richard Nelson Bolles

Trade Paperbacks: RM7 each!

Fiction 12 RM7


  1. The Poe Shadow – Matthew Pearl
  2. The Bridges of Madison County – Robert James Waller
  3. The Summer Garden – Paulina Simons (SOLD!)
  4. The Stars’ Tennis Balls – Stephen Fry (SOLD!)
  5. The Pilot’s Wife – Anita Shreve
  6. Hot Chocolate for the Mystical Soul – Arielle Ford (SOLD!)
  7. Swan Bay – Rod Jones
  8. Following the Wrong Gods Home – Catherine Lim

Fiction 13 RM7


  1. Making History – Stephen Fry (SOLD!)
  2. The Memory Keeper’s Daughter – Kim Edwards (SOLD!)
  3. Shadowbrook – Beverly Swerling (SOLD!)
  4. My Sister, Victoria – Charlotte Moore (SOLD!)
  5. The Secret Life of Bees – Sue Monk Kidd (SOLD!)
  6. Bee Season – Myla Goldberg (SOLD!)

Fiction 14 RM7


  1. You or Someone Like You – Chandler Burr (Reserved)
  2. Wild Animus – Rich Shapero
  3. Macbeth – William Shakespeare (SOLD!)
  4. Saving Fish from Drowning – Amy Tan
  5. Another Life – Michael Korda
  6. Bad Girls of the Bible – Liz Curtis Higgs

Fiction 15 RM7


  1. Great Vampire Stories – Various Authors (SOLD!)
  2. Great Horror Stories – Various Authors (SOLD!)
  3. Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister – Gregory Maguire (SOLD!)
  4. Son of a Witch – Gregory Maguire
  5. Spiking the Girl – Gabrielle Lord (SOLD!)
  6. Sorceress of Darshiva – David Eddings
  7. Somebodies and Nobodies – Robert W. Fuller
  8. Protector – Laurel Dewey

Hardcovers: RM10 each!

Fiction 16 RM10


  1. Little Women – Louisa May Alcott
  2. The Daphne du Maurier Companion – Rebecca, My Cousin Rachel, & Frenchman’s Creek (3 in 1)
  3. Wild Boy – Jill Dawson
  4. The Footprints of God – Greg Iles
  5. Meditations on Middle-Earth – Various Authors
  6. Walkers – Graham Masterton
  7. Irresistible Impulse – Robert Lindsey
  8. Five Hundred Years After – Steven Brust

Fiction 17 RM10


  1. The Dark is Rising – Susan Cooper
  2. Young Wives – Olivia Goldsmith
  3. A Murder of Quality – John Le Carre
  4. Drowning Ruth – Christina Schwarz
  5. Hill Towns – Anne River Siddons
  6. The Kitchen God’s Wife – Amy Tan
  7. Music for Torching – A. M. Homes
  8. If Only It Were True – Marc Levy (SOLD!)

General RM10


  1. Guinness World Records 2008
  2. Assassinations – Readers’ Digest (SOLD!)
  3. The Ultimate Joke Book Encyclopedia
  4. Mandy Annual 2005
  5. Bunty 2005
  6. The Darwin Awards II

Wizard – Guide to Comics : Whole Batch, 16 editions – RM20

Wizard Mag RM20 whole batch

Wizard Magazines No. 12, 14-19

Wizard Mag2

Wizard Magazines No. 27, 28, 33, 36, 38

Wizard mag3

Wizard Magazines No. 39, 40, 42, 43

IT Reference books: RM10 each!

IT books RM10

  1. HTML – Shelley Cashman Woods (SOLD!)
  2. SAM’s Paint Shop Pro 5
  3. SAM’s HTML 4
  4. SAM’s How to Use Macromedia Flash 5
  5. XHTML for Dummies
  6. The Non-Designer’s Web Book

IT books 2 RM10

  1. Visual Quickstart Guide – Macromedia Flash 5 (SOLD!)
  2. Visual Quickstart Guide – Macromedia Fireworks 4 (SOLD!)
  3. Visual Quickstart Guide – Photoshop 6 (SOLD!)
  4. Visual Quickstart Guide – Macromedia Dreamweaver 4 (SOLD!)

Golf Books: RM15 each!

Golf RM15

  1. Dave Pelz’s Short Game Bible
  2. Dave Pelz’s Putting Bible

Psychology and Business Text and Reference Books: RM20 each or best offer!

Some notes in margins (things like “Betty Loves ____” and “Betty and _____ forever!” I’m sure these notes will be very helpful to you as well… =P), no CDs included.

Textbooks RM20

  1. The Business Communication Handbook – Judith Dwyer (Prentice Hall, 4th edition)
  2. Developmental Psychology – David R. Shaffer (Brooks/Cole, 5th edition) (SOLD!)
  3. Human Motivation – Robert E. Franken (Wadsworth, 5th edition) (SOLD!)
  4. Marketing – Gary Armstrong & Philip Kotler (Prentice Hall, 6th edition)
  5. Choice and Change – April O’Connell & Vincent O’Connell (Prentice Hall, 6th edition) (SOLD!)
  6. Anthropology – Carol R. Ember, Melvin Ember, & Peter N. Peregrine (Prentice Hall, 10th edition)

Textbooks 2 RM20

  1. Abnormal Psychology – Gerald C. Davison & John M. Neale (Wiley, 8th edition)
  2. Theories of Personality – Susan C. Cloninger (Prentice Hall, 3rd edition) (SOLD!)
  3. Sociology – John J. Macionis (Prentice Hall, 2nd edition)
  4. Organization Theory and Design – Richard L. Daft (Thomson, South-Western, 8th edition)
  5. Human Communication – Joseph A. Devito (Allyn & Bacon, 9th edition)
  6. Philosophy – Manuel Velasquez (Wadsworth, 7th edition)

Textbooks 3 RM20

  1. Introduction to Psychology – Rod Plotnik (Wadsworth, 5th edition) (SOLD!)
  2. The Future of Business – Gitman & McDaniel (Southwestern, Interactive edition)

That’s it!!

Email me at bettysbooks (at) gmail (dot) com and tell me which books you want! I will reserve the books for you up to 5 days for you to make a payment or collect the books. If you haven’t made a payment by 5 days, I will sell the books to the next person who asks for it. 

Payment and collection details will be emailed to you. If you want a better deal, make me an offer and we’ll see what we can do!

Thank you!


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