Saturday, April 03, 2010

Before I Forget by Melissa Hill

Before I Forget by Melissa Hill

What is the book about? A freak accident causes Abby to lose her short-term memory, which of course causes a lot of problems for her. She wants to forget the man who left her before her accident, but can’t, and there’s a wonderful new man in her life, if only she can remember him.

What did you like most about it? It’s a fun and easy read, with a very interesting premise. It was exactly what I needed because I was still in a reading slump and couldn’t concentrate on heavier books.

What did you like least about it? The author is talented but often I feel like she’s trying too hard. She’s very gimmick-y, and you’re conscious of it the whole time.

Who would you recommend it to? People in need of a light beach romance.

Any additional comments? I found her gimmick-y writing very annoying and predictable after a while. I wouldn’t have read another one of her books except that I bought two on offer.


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