Wednesday, April 21, 2010

13 Things I Missed about Thursday-13 TT #38

For those who are just joining us, here’s a recap. ;-)

Since December, I’d been getting last minute preparations done for my wedding on January 31st. If anyone knows me, they know I was a terrible procrastinator and very disorganized person, so *everything* was last minute. =P ( I say “was” because after all the hassle I went through with the wedding, I’ll be damned if I’m gonna spend the rest of my life procrastinating and disorganized! So one good thing came out of all the headache, anyway…other than having a new husband…)

But that was in January, and it’s now the second half of April, where was I before this, you ask?

Well, the answer is:

  • being tour guides to friends from Canada who came for our wedding and decided to make it a vacation
  • celebrating Chinese New Year (CNY) which means traveling back to my husband’s and my hometowns and visiting relatives for 2 weeks
  • catching up with work that I missed coz of wedding and traveling
  • making funeral arrangements and attending the funeral of my maternal grandmother who passed away not long after CNY
  • and recuperating from everything!

So anyway, now I’m back, and for my first TT after so many months, I’d like to make a list of 13 things I missed about T13! =)

  1. I miss visiting everybody’s T13s!!
  2. I miss people visiting mine!!
  3. I miss thinking up ideas for T13s!
  4. I miss reading some very interesting T13s!
  5. I miss commenting on other T13s!
  6. I miss getting comments about my T13s!
  7. I miss linking my T13s to Mr. Linky on the T13 site!
  8. In fact, I kinda miss my own linkies… can’t decide if I should renew my linkies or not.
  9. I miss looking forward to Thursdays!
  10. I miss being part of a fun weekly community event!
  11. I miss discovering new blogs and new friends!
  12. I miss the “old” blogs and “old” friends I’d already made!
  13. I miss the feeling that I was not alone in this great big world of blogging.

It’s really great to be back! =)


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