Monday, September 07, 2009

The Shining by Stephen King


The Shining by Stephen King

This is my year for King’s books! Having just read Gerald’s Game, which in my opinion is the most thrilling King book, The Stand, which is the most epic and my favorite King book, now I’ve just finished reading The Shining, which is the scariest King book!

While many of King’s books are scary in the thrilling sense, none of them scared me to the point of sleeping with the lights on. This book did.

Yes, I slept with the little light on, right after finishing it at 4am in the morning. I even woke my husband up so he could accompany me to the bathroom, which adjoins the bedroom!

I can’t help it! Monsters, serial killers, and apocalypses don’t scare me. Ok, they do, but not much. Ghosts, on the other hand, freak me out! Yikes, I can’t even write this review without getting the shivers!

Ok, very briefly now, this book is about a little boy who has the sight, called the “shining”. His father is hired to be the caretaker for The Overlook Hotel, and of course, as with every respectable hotel, it has its share of ghosts. However, The Overlook’s ghosts are a lot more sinister and dangerous than your average ghosts. So what do you get when you put a boy with the “shining” in a hotel full of malicious ghosts? A really horrifying story!

Although this was an amazing book, I’m not going to re-read it anytime soon, I can tell you that!


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