Wednesday, September 23, 2009

13 Reasons Why I Missed the Last 3 TTs! TT #26

I missed the last three TTs, after just 3 weeks of saying I’d try not to miss them again, because I’d stopped TTs for about 3 months before that. =(

I enjoy TTs, and I really rather not miss them because they’re so fun, but when I list my reasons, you’ll see why I might not be able to play as regularly as I would like anymore. =(

So here are my 13 Reasons Why I Missed the Last 3 TTs:

  1. We found out that an employee was stealing money from us, and we confronted her.
  2. She denied everything, but then she ran away the next day, and we went to make a police report.
  3. A couple of days later, another employee ran away too, she was probably in league with the first employee, so we had to make another police report.
  4. But better news, my brother’s wife gave birth to fraternal twins on the 4th of September! =) Yayyy! Welcome Charlotte and Olivia to the world!
  5. Then hubby and I had to prepare for another pre-wedding photo-shoot with my father and his other amateur photographer friends. They get “free” models, we get “free” pictures! =)
  6. There were a lot of preparations involved; renting the gowns, buying the props, discussing ideas, etc.
  7. On the 10th of Sept, I got a phone call from a company I’d submitted my resume to, and had an interview with them on the 11th.
  8. I went for the interview and on the same day got the job! Yayyy! =) Had to start work on the 14th.
  9. During the weekend before starting work, I was really busy because of the photo-shoot, which was on the 12th and 13th, and also finishing up my other tasks before starting work on the 14th.
  10. My first week of work, from the 14th to the 18th, was crazy busy! I had so much to learn and do, and there were so many last minute tasks to finish! =( But I enjoy the work so far. =)
  11. Finally the weekend came, and even better, the 21st and 22nd are public holidays, so I got some reprieve.
  12. But I had a wedding performance on the 21st, and because there wasn’t time to practice when I started work, we did a lot of last minute practicing on Saturday and Sunday.
  13. I finally got some time on Tuesday, except there were still some small tasks to do, and Wednesday’s back to work again.

So you see, I’ve got great reasons for missing the last 3 TTs, and depending on how things are at work later on, I might not be able to TT every week. =( I will try though, but I may only be make the rounds later on Friday/Saturday. =(

I enjoy my work and my new job, but I’m missing my freedom already!


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