Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Stephen King's Cell

Cell by Stephen King

In my previous post, I reviewed this book as one of the best horror novels I've ever read, and I said that I could see why, from this book, that Stephen King is considered a master storyteller.

However, I realized that many veteran Stephen King fans are saying that his current books are not as good as the ones he used to write. Having never read any other of his books except this one, I guess I'm not expert enough to compare.

I'm currently reading a classic SK book though, so pretty soon I'll be able to judge.

But honestly, regardless of how good or bad his older books are, I really think the way he crafted this book is damn good. Forget about comparing his older books with this one, just compare it with any other horror writer and you won't be able to deny his genius. Note the way I keep saying SK *crafted* this book, rather than just merely wrote it. It's a craft, it's a masterpiece, and SK is a fine artist.

I don't get people who say the book isn't good. It might not be as good as his older ones, but if it's better than the others, it's still pretty darn good. If you were never an SK fan, or into horror novels at all, I'd get it when you say you don't like his work. But if you were always a horror fan, tell me, even if his writing has degenerated, where are you going to find another better horror writer?

As I said, I haven't read his older books, so I'll come back with my thoughts when I'm done. But in the meantime, if you think what I've just said is crap, and if you can point me to better horror writers, then please feel free to enlighten me.


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