Thursday, September 21, 2006

Set-ups Finished!

Well, I finally finished setting this page up! Yayy!! But it took me a while to decide to be happy with it. I wanted to move to another blog site because there were certain features that weren't easy to set up here, and like I've said before, I can't afford to spend too much time on my blog layouts.

But I decided finally, that I don't need such complicated features, and something simple will do. Because if I did go on looking for what I wanted, it would be a whole lot more complicated for me to search and research, and get used to how the new blog works and all that anyway...

Anyway, the blog's up now! The only thing I'll have to do is to read some books and review them. ;P I'm reading Sophie's Choice now, but it's quite a thoughtful read so I'm not sure when I'll be done with it and I don't want to give it an unfair review until I'm finished. So until then. =D

Currently Reading:
Sophie's Choice by William Styron (Historical Literature)

It's three stories in one; about Stingo, the narrator, and his quest to be a writer; Sophie, a beautiful Polish woman, and the terrible secret of her past; and Nathan, a extremely brilliant Jew, who has problems of his own. The stories of these three people intertwine when their lives cross, and as the terrible secret of Sophie's past reveals itself, it thrusts them towards destruction.


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