Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Introducing Betty's Books!

I've decided to create another blog page just for reading and reviewing the books I read. I originally thought that I could blog all my books in my main page, Justbetty.blogspot.com , but then I realized that with all my everyday blogs and rantings about other topics, the books won't stay on the main page very long.

So here's Betty's Books. =D Previously when I was on starbytes.biz, all I needed to do was just set up different html pages, with many different sections for everything. But because I don't have the time to maintain it(I did all the designing and html myself), I decided to use blogspot instead for now. So far it's been great, so I'm gonna continue using it.

Oh, btw, although this page is called Betty's Books, I might occasionally have reviews about music and dvds as well. Unless I really listen to too many CDs, and watch too many dvds that I have to start new pages called Betty's CDs and DVDs. LOL!


Betty said...

just testing this thing...

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