Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sell Back Your Book

I just found out about this site, Sell Back Your Book, and I wish I had known about it back when I was selling a lot of my books before moving here!

I still have some of the books I wanted to sell left, mostly textbooks and a few non-fiction; so I decided to check how much I might’ve gotten for them. They have a field on the front page where you can key in the ISBN numbers of books you want to sell, and they’ll quote you prices for them in seconds!

I don’t have the books with me now, obviously, so I couldn’t key in the exact ISBN numbers to get the exact price quote, but I got the ISBNs of the same books in different editions and I would’ve been able to get $101.44 for 3 of the books! Wow!

Ok, since the editions I keyed in are newer than the editions I have, the amount probably could be less, but even if I only got half the amount quoted, it’s still really good! Oh, how I wish I knew about this site earlier!

They even pay for the shipping with a pre-paid postage label that you can print out and just attach to your package, and they pay you for the books via paypal or check as soon as they receive and confirm the contents of your package!

The most important part for me, is that the company who owns Sell Back Your Book is an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau with no complaints! Having worked for a company that was also an accredited member of the BBB, I know how important this accreditation is, and I have many times, trusted and chosen to use a company’s services simply because of their BBB status. 

I’m really kicking myself for not searching for a site like this when I was selling my books! I definitely could’ve used the extra money!


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