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Grass by Sheri S. Tepper

Grass by Sheri S. Tepper


Sheri S. Tepper is fast becoming one of my favorite authors. When I read the reviews on about this book, I was intrigued. It's a science fiction novel set in the future, mostly on a planet called Grass.

Apparently, humanity have migrated and set up communities in many different planets, and somehow every single one of those planets have been infected with plague except Grass. Somehow Grass, which like its name implies, is a planet covered almost completely with grass, is immune to the plague.

So as the plot goes, the main characters need to find out what it is that makes Grass immune, and how to find the cure so that they can save the rest of humanity. Of course, stories are never that simple. There are obstacles to overcome, not least of all, the original inhabitants of Grass, the terrifying and malicious Hippae, who steal the minds of humans who come in close contact with them. Marjorie and Rigo have to find a way to save humanity from the plague, and themselves and their family from the malicious plans of the Hippae and the people who are controlled by them.

In one word: amazing.

Tepper is a master of plots, weaving stories within stories, putting everything together in a way that seems complicated but makes complete sense. This book reads like an epic historical account, although set in the future, and I was extremely disappointed that it had to end. I felt so engrossed and pulled into the story that I actually had withdrawal symptoms after I finished the book two days ago.

I spent these last two days thinking about the story, the amazing characters that I fell in love with, most notably Marjorie, and Sylvan, whom I loved the moment I met him, and all the intricacies within the story. I felt terribly afraid when the characters were in danger, I felt grieved when they grieved, I felt relieved when they escaped danger, I felt love when they loved, and I felt abandoned when the book ended.

Even now, I wish there was more to read about Marjorie, Sylvan, Rigo and all the other characters. I am only appeased by the fact that Tepper has written many other great books, and I am eager to let her bring me on more of her imaginative adventures.

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