Wednesday, January 17, 2007

A New Year, A New Template

It'a a new year, and I've got a new template! =)

After weeks of having the original template's image disappear on me, I finally got a new template!

It wasn't all that easy, coz when I found the image gone, I tried looking for a new *suitable* blogskin, but all the ones in are know, overdone. And then after that, when I started having trouble with the internet and stuff (for a whole month!), I just didn't have the time for any of my blogs when I came online. So now I'm back, and I finally changed the template! Yayy!

Now if only the books I've read would review themselves. LOL! =)

I'll get to them soon! A little at a time... I've so much to catch up on.

Oh, btw, Happy New Year! =)


Lone QL Chu said...

good lah... finally u are back . read more books and share with us okie?

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